Wooler URC Livestream – Sunday 24 April 2022

In our broken, discouraged, post-pandemic world, we all need the risen life Jesus offers us. We need to go deeper into how to live as Resurrection People. So rather than allowing Easter to go by in a blur, we’re spending a few weeks dwelling on the resurrection stories. How often do you laugh? I mean real, proper belly laughing? Most of us would probably answer “not often enough!” We love to laugh, it gives us a great sense of relief, it relaxes us and for a moment everything in the world seems okay. Even the most serious among us would probably like to laugh more, or at least have more to laugh about.

There’s an old tradition in the church of the Sunday after Easter Day being called “Holy Humour Sunday”. The idea is to commemorate both the joy of the Easter events but also the fun in the stories. This Sunday, Robert and Sue are helping us to ‘Renew our joy’.

Everyone is welcome at Wooler URC

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